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Our Philosophy

We have a developmental approach to children’s learning. We believe young children learn and grow best at their own pace. We try to instill a love and excitement for learning by exposing children to a variety of experiences and activities appropriate to their individual needs and their readiness to progress from one developmental stage to the next. Our emphasis is on the learning process, which does not always result in a finished product or a completed task, and evolves differently for every child.

One of our primary goals is to foster healthy social and emotional development. We try to respect each child’s individuality, to be aware of the importance of his/her contribution to the group, to understand and encourage individual differences which enrich everyone’s experience, and to support children in developing a positive self- image. Children are encouraged to feel pride in their own achievements and to appreciate the accomplishments of others. We also strive to help children become aware of their part in a larger group and to learn to cooperate with each other.


Another important goal is to encourage cognitive and intellectual development. We believe that young children learn through experience and exploration. Our classrooms’ curriculums are tailored to meet the skills, interests, and needs of individual children as well as the particular group while allowing teachers to incorporate their own individual approaches and creative abilities into their classrooms.

We work closely with parents in a partnership to facilitate the transition between home and the Center. Daily communication and a sense of trust between parents and staff are vital ingredients of Center life. Parent/Teacher conferences, written developmental evaluations, and year-end portfolios are also provided to update parents throughout the year.

Our philosophy is based on individualism at all levels – each child, parent, teacher, and member of our community is a valued contributor to the success of the program. We strive to instill respect and appreciation for individual differences and celebrate diversity. To successfully do so, we inform our practice through current research and theory, actively reflecting, adapting, and/or changing programming as necessary to meet the goals of each member of our community and the Center as a whole.

Location & Space

Our unique location on the Harvard Business School campus gives us access to space and facilities on the sprawling 40 acres of the Business School. The pristine campus serves as our “extended backyard” and provides safe surroundings that are the perfect place for daily walks and outdoor explorations.


Our bright, spacious, open classrooms provide a cozy atmosphere for children to learn and explore.  All classrooms have doors between them to encourage observations and interactions between the classes. There is also an indoor gross motor space equipped with a climbing wall and ballet bars.  The indoor play area supplements the motor curriculum and provides a play space for inclement weather days.


All classrooms have access to age-appropriate outdoor playgrounds attached to our building.


To facilitate drop-off and pick-up, short-term visitor parking is provided in the nearest parking lot to the Center.  There is also priority parking for Center families in the monthly parking side of the Harvard Business School lot.


What Makes Us Special

Undoubtedly, our highly trained and educated staff are the strength and heart of the Center, but with so many different options, what else makes Soldiers Field Park Children Center great?


Here are the Top Reasons SFPCC is the best choice for children and families:

  • Low student to teacher ratios

  • Engaging, the child-focused curriculum is developed to meet the needs and interests of each individual child

  • An unwavering commitment to further staff’s professional development

  • Nutritious snacks and milk are served

  • Large, open classrooms with an abundance of natural light

  • Age-appropriate playgrounds are attached to our building and accessible by classrooms

  • Green cleaning products used throughout Center

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