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Toddler 3


Toddler 3

Our Toddler 3 program evolves to meet the expanding needs of the older toddler. 9 children are enrolled under the guidance of four teachers. There are new responsibilities for the children in the classroom, a larger and more challenging playground, and more whole group time.


The primary emphasis in Toddler 3 is developing the children’s approach to social interaction. Learning how to interact with others is a key life skill for a child to experiment with at this point in his/ her development. Children will encounter various social learning situations every day in the classroom and we present both activities and routines that help promote positive social interactions among the children.


There is also a strong focus on self help skills in Toddler 3. Sinks at “child level” in the classroom enable the children to wash their own hands whenever needed. Midway through the year, children are given their own toothbrushes and begin brushing their teeth after lunch as part of the daily routine. Toilet training is also a meaningful part of the Toddler 3 experience, with teachers taking cues from the children to understand how they are progressing, encouraging self-help as much as possible.


The children of Toddler 3 begin the year as toddlers but finish the year very much ready for preschool.

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