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Special Programs


Music is seamlessly woven into the classroom experience through regular visits from musical guests and professional musicians specializing in children’s music. These talented individuals join our preschool circle every month, enchanting the children with live performances featuring guitars and other instruments. Additionally, they visit the younger classes with monthly performances. 



Knucklebones is a favorite of both children and teachers! The Knucklebone Coach plans and directs a variety of developmentally appropriate gross motor activities, bringing with her lots of unique and challenging equipment for children to experiment with. Children have the opportunity to continue to develop their large muscles and strengthen their balance and coordination skills, while working in small groups or as a team, all while having tons of fun!

Rainbow Dance

Rainbowdance®, BCF’s dynamic music and movement program, is designed to nurture essential emotional and social skills in children and the adults who guide them. Developed by Dicki Johnson Macy in 1988, Rainbowdance is dedicated to fostering competency, mastery, security, and resilience in children, empowering them to overcome challenges and build meaningful connections with others.

Through joyful and inclusive activities, Rainbowdance promotes holistic development. It encourages children to explore their creativity, express themselves authentically, and engage with the world around them in a positive and meaningful way. 

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