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Infant Toddler/Toddler 1


Infant Toddler/Toddler 1

Helping Toddlers explore and order their expanding sense of the world and their place in it is what the Infant/Toddler and Toddler 1 experience is all about. The seven Infant/Toddlers and nine Toddler 1 children develop under the guidance of four full-time teachers in each classroom.


Language development and emotional awareness are key aspects of this year. Strides in both fine and gross motor development are also evident as the children master walking and running and gain control in their motor tasks. Their communication skills are expanding, enabling them to better use words to convey their needs and express their emotions.


In the Infant/Toddler & Toddler 1 classrooms, we focus on helping the children understand the choices they have in everyday situations and guide them to make appropriate decisions given the various options they face. We support them in finding the words they need to understand and make these choices. This deliberate approach gives the children a sense of control over what goes on in their lives and helps them develop their independence in a positive manner.

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