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Preschool 2


Preschool 2

The Preschool 2 classroom is based on the belief that children who learn to value their accomplishments and contributions have a solid foundation for all areas of their development. This class of 17 children is guided by four teachers.

The Preschool 2 room is set up for increased autonomy and responsibility. Each child is assigned a job in the classroom every week according to a rotating schedule. This builds on the child’s growing awareness that everyone has a role in the class and responsibility that impacts the larger group. Teamwork and community are emphasized, but children can participate at their own level and at their own pace. At this stage, the children have transitioned from a focus on self-help to a focus on self-esteem, as they begin to have a fuller appreciation of their own accomplishments.


In Preschool 2, we introduce concepts that require a greater skill level. The room is arranged in “centers” that represent different curriculum areas; three of these centers— Reading & Writing, Math & Manipulatives, and Science– are newly introduced activities intended to expose them to subjects that will become important as they continue on with their schooling.


At the end of Preschool 2, we anticipate that the children will have developed the skills and confidence they need to prepare them for their next new adventure—kindergarten!

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