Meet the Team


Melissa Chieppo

Center Director

Center Assistant Director

Trecia Mayo

Aisha Thomas

Program Coordinator

Chelsea Lepkowski

Educational Coordinator

Emily Anderson

Staff Coordinator

The Teachers

The core of excellence at SFPCC has always been the dedicated, nurturing and professional teaching staff. Led by a Center Director who has worked at the Center for 30 years, our staff of 35 teachers work as a team to create a supportive and collaborative environment whose top priority is the care of our children.


In a field where high turnover is the norm, we are proud of the fact that nearly half of our staff has been with the Center for five years or more. Many of our staff have academic background or training in early childhood education or related fields, with most holding Bachelors or Master’s degrees. Our staffing pattern provides for teams to overlap mid-day so that there is information flow from morning to afternoon and full coverage is in force at lunch and naptime when more hands are usually needed in the classroom.


In addition to our extraordinary classroom teachers, we also have a team of three “floating teachers” as part of our full-time staff who support all the classrooms and provide extra coverage when needed. They serve as a stable, familiar presence for our children and provide continuity of care when a classroom teacher is out for the day.


We are proud of our team and are committed to providing the highest quality child care and education for our children.