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Toddler 2


Toddler 2

Nurturing a toddler’s growing sense of autonomy is the focus of the Toddler 2 class. At this stage of development, children are realizing that they are part of a group and are figuring out their place in it, as well as how the group functions as a whole. There are 9 children in Toddler 2, with four teachers.


An important aspect of this classroom is the fostering of independence while helping the children discover their own natural and logical limits. Teachers present situations in a more open-ended manner to promote problems solving skills and give the children time and space to work through issues, make choices, and express their thoughts and concerns.


Because this classroom overlaps in age group with both Toddler 1 and Toddler 3, the curriculum seeks to bridge the skills developed in the Toddler 1 and Toddler 3 classrooms. Emphasis on expression, working through emotions and managing strong feelings with compassion builds on the emotional foundation established in Toddler 1. Turning struggles into learning opportunities and empowering children to be involved in what happens ties into the self-sufficiency that is the hallmark of Toddler 3.

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