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Infant 1/Infant 2


Infant 1/Infant 2

Our infant program seeks to provide the safest environment that is stimulating and challenging for our infants to grow together while meeting all of their individual developmental needs. We enroll up to 14 infants combined in the Infant 1 and Infant 2 classes, under the guidance of four teachers in each classroom. The two classes develop together in adjoining spaces. Our daily schedule gives our infants flexibility in a wide variety of activities while having the comfort of routine.


Our infants change a lot during their time in the infant classroom, and our priority is to make all of the developmental milestones easy transitions for both the child and parent. Throughout the year, we re-arrange the infant space according to the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of the children in order to challenge them as best we can. Every day we provide changing sources of stimuli in each classroom to encourage our infants to explore and learn through play.


The Center works with families to meet Infants changing needs by accommodating breastfeeding time for parents and supplying all diapers which are billed monthly with tuition.

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